Our best selection,

a reflection of the land and the work of man

The company
For more than 60 years we have been selecting only high quality products that tell of unique pleasures and flavours, a reflection of the land and the work of man. 
The land
The best selection of our wine divided by country and land, a way of leafing through our catalogue, starting from the terroirs. 
The categories

Our catalogue is organised by categories, the quickest way to find the product you are looking for among our selection of wines, beers, distilled beverages and food products.

The producers

Before selecting a wine, we look for its best producer. In this section, you will find names that enhance the quality of our offer.


Respecting the terroir also means preserving the environment.
The new photovoltaic system, activated in march 2018, fully supports our daily energy needs.
Clean energy, which has zero impact on the environment.